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Atty. Matthew T Miller

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If you are facing divorce or charged with a crime…help is available when you call Attorney Matthew T. Miller & Associates, LLC @ 231-726-3333.  With his aggressive style, many years of experience and competent knowledge of the law, Criminal Defense Lawyer & Family Law Attorney in Muskegon MI, Matthew T. Miller & Associates, LLC, has earned the reputation of delivering results for his clients in complex legal matters such as divorce, criminal defense and driver’s license restoration.  We understand that your situation may be life changing and feelings of fear, sadness, anger and despair can be overwhelming.  When Attorney Miller takes your case, you will have his full attention and legal expertise from start to finish, ensuring the most favorable outcomes.  There are times when you need to speak to your lawyer now.  Unlike most law firm Attorneys, Attorney Miller’s dedication to his clients, is at the highest level of commitment, and he will take your call when you need him, even after normal business hours…24/7 @ 231-670-2959. You need not look any further.  If you or a loved one is in need of aggressive, affordable and competent legal representation for any criminal or family law matter, contact the Law Office of Matthew T. Miller & Associates, LLC today to schedule a free consultation. 231-726-3333